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Policy 1: Sponsorship Program

Policy 1: Franklin Recreation Sponsorship Program

The purpose of this document is to fully define Franklin Recreation’s sponsorship program including both the request for and response to sponsorship.

  1. Sponsorship Program
    1. Franklin Recreation offers a comprehensive sponsorship program which is created and maintained by the Franklin Recreation Board members.  
    2. The program allows sponsors to choose a level of sponsorship and also offers an area for sponsors to provide additional information specific to their sponsorship wishes.  
  2. Sponsorship Levels:  the following levels are offered to all potential sponsors.
    1. Gold Level: logo on all events, field banner and t-shirt sponsor ($300.00)
    2. Silver Level: field banner and t-shirt sponsor ($275.00)
    3. Bronze Level: field banner OR t-shirt sponsor ($175.00)
    4. Custom Level: choose how you sponsor us 
  3. Sponsorship Request
    1. A sponsorship request letter will be sent out to local businesses annually in the spring. 
    2. The sponsorship levels will be reviewed and adjusted annually prior to submission to local businesses. 
    3. The sponsorship request letter will be reviewed and approved by the Board prior to submission to local businesses.
  4. Sponsorship Response
    1. A response from a business indicating their intent to sponsor Franklin Recreation is defined as a sponsorship request.  
    2. Team (or t-shirt) Sponsorship
      1. Team sponsorship will be applied on a first come first serve basis. Terms for a sponsor wishing to sponsor a specific team are defined in Section 5. 
      2. Team sponsors will receive their business name on the back of every t-shirt given to the players on the team to which they are assigned.  All team members will be given a t-shirt with the sponsoring business’ name on the back of the t-shirt.  This t-shirt will be the official uniform of the team and all players will be expected to wear their uniform to all games.  
    3. Banner (or field) Sponsorship
      1. Businesses which choose a banner sponsorship will have a banner with their business logo displayed at the Franklin ball fields for the duration of the baseball/softball season, and during the soccer season, if possible.  
      2. The banner will be inspected annually and updated if necessary. 
    4. Logo (or event) Sponsorship
      1. Businesses which choose the Gold Level sponsorship will have their logo or business name printed on all advertisements and/or apparel associated with all Franklin Recreation sponsored events. This excludes athletic teams.   
  5. Custom or Specific Sponsorship
    1. Specific Team Sponsor Response
      1. Businesses may request to sponsor a specific team on their sponsorship response. 
      2. Consideration to any specific sponsorship response will be completed in a fair and unbiased manner.  
      3. In the event that two businesses request to sponsor the same team, the sponsoring team will be selected on a first come first serve basis, except if two businesses request each multiple years, the sponsoring business will be alternated. 
      4. In the event that a specific sponsorship request cannot be fulfilled, the business will be contacted by a Franklin Recreation representative to discuss alternative options.  
    2. Specific Apparel Response
      1. Any costs above the basic sponsorship allotments defined in Section 4 will be the responsibility of the sponsor. 
      2. Additional costs will be discussed with the business prior to finalization.
    3. Custom Sponsorship Response
      1. Businesses and/or individuals that wish to sponsor Franklin Recreation in a manner not listed will be classified as custom and processed on a case by case basis.